How to alt tab on mac with windows keyboard

For example, what is the command key I keep hearing about?


Newcomers and old pros alike use Windows keyboards with Macs. Why toss a perfectly good keyboard, just because you switched platforms? I've been using a Microsoft keyboard with my Mac for quite awhile.

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I just like how the keys feel better than the keyboards supplied by Apple. In fact, I'm dreading the day the Windows keyboard stops working and I have to find another. This model of the keyboard hasn't been made in years. I suppose I'll check out Microsoft, Logitech, and even Apple offerings.

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The point is you're not compelled to use an Apple keyboard unless you wish to; any wired USB keyboard, or Bluetooth-based wireless keyboard , will work fine with a Mac. In fact, Apple even sells the Mac Mini without a keyboard or mouse , allowing customers to supply their own.

There's just one little problem with using a non-Apple keyboard: There are at least five keys that may have different names or symbols on a Windows keyboard than they do on a Mac keyboard, which can make it difficult to follow Mac-related instructions. It's there; it just looks a little different. Here are the five most commonly used special keys on a Mac, and their Windows keyboard equivalents.

How To Switch Windows with Your Keyboard

Another helpful bit of information for new Mac users is to know which menu key symbols correspond to which keys on the keyboard. The symbols used in the Mac menus can be a bit strange to those new to the Mac, as well as old hands who may be more mousers than keyboard users. The last bit of trouble you may run into depends on which platform you were using before you started using a Windows keyboard with your Mac. This problem is one of finger memory.

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Besides Windows and Mac keyboards having slightly different names, they also swap the positions of two often-used modifier keys: Likewise, the Windows keyboard's Alt key is where you expect to find the Mac's Command key. KeyRemap4MacBook lets you specify which keys are remapped to other keys, rather than selecting from a predetermined list. Some remappings aren't possible due to the way Mac OS X works , but this is an even more flexible alternative to DoubleCommand. Also -- don't use DoubleCommand and KeyRemap4MacBook at the same time, as they use the same methods for taking over your keyboard.

Dogs and cats living together: If you're looking for keyboard macros -- that is, executing a series of keypresses by typing just one key -- products like QuicKeys , Keyboard Maestro , and iKey are for you.

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Show More Results. Google adds haptic feedback to its iPhone keyboard. A Roland keyboard has Alexa built-in for voice control while you play.

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