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You can easily customize TweetDeck to display just what you want to see including wall updates, Twitter mentions, and more.

If you sign up for a free TweetDeck account you can also synchronize your settings and layout across computers. In addition to easy cross-network updates and monitoring, TweetDeck also supports schedules updates. Socialite is polished social media app for Mac OS X that comes in two flavors: What Socialite lacks for in volume of supported services it makes up for with tools for organizing the flow of information across your social networks including time lines and filters to help drill down to what's important to you.

HootSuite is a social media manager oriented towards a team working with social media, featuring multiple tiers of access to the social networks one person administrates and others can update, for example , tracking of mentions and other quantifiers, tabbed layout, WordPress support, scheduled updates, automatic updating, and more. The basic account is free and allows you to manage five social networks with a 30 day stats history. Now that you've had a chance to look at the top five contenders, it's time to cast a vote for your favorite:.

Best Social Media Desktop Apps for Mac OS:

As of publishing, our poll system isn't working. We're working to get this fixed ASAP, but in the meantime, we'll have to hold off on collecting votes. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Have a great idea for the next Hive Five? Following a conversation in Tweetbot is easy. Simply click on a tweet and the app will pull in any tweets in the thread in chronological order. Editing your own profile is easy in Tweetbot. Simply navigate to it, and click the Edit button in the upper-right corner of the UI or you can expand the left sidebar and click on Profile to find your profile before editing:.

Tweetbot has a lot of nice tricks rolled up its sleeves when it comes to communicating in characters. If you begin to type a username, Tweetbot will attempt to auto-complete the name from a list of users. You can use the arrow keys to drop down and select the user you intend to mention:. You can control who will see your reply by clicking on the names and selecting the recipients. This helped save precious characters in a tweet. However, with characters being the new standard, saving characters becomes secondary to keeping everyone involved in the conversation.

Adding media to a tweet is simple. Clicking the gear icon in the bottom-right of the New Tweet window reveals a menu to find your saved drafts and to assign a saved topic to your tweet. Click on the little camera icon, the location icon, or the emoji icon to add a photo or video, a location, or an emoji to your tweet. You can add images or videos using whichever upload services have been configured in settings. Additionally, media can be dragged into this window from Finder, and Tweetbot will upload it and insert a link without using the camera icon and subsequent menu.

Like a photo or video, attaching a location to a tweet is as simple as clicking on the location button. If Tweetbot has been granted permission to use Location Services in macOS, clicking the map pin graphic will allow Tweetbot to ping your location and attach that data to your tweet as well.

From time to time, a user, hashtag, or phrase may temporarily take over your timeline. Tweetbot includes a feature called Muting , which removes tweets completely from your timeline based on person, keyword, hashtag, or even Twitter client, for durations of a day, a week, a month, or forever.

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The second-last item in the left sidebar is a speech bubble with a — drawn in the center if you have an expanded left sidebar, mutes can be found in the My Profile heading. Clicking on it brings up the Mute Filters view. There, you can add keywords, etc. If you are a Twitter lists user, Tweetbot has a couple of nice features for you. You can create and follow lists easily, as well as edit members of any particular list.

With the launch of Tweetbot 3, you can even set your main timeline to any of your saved lists. The launch of Tweetbot 3 introduced some new accessibility features for those users who need to interact with the app in different formats. What We Don't Like Most helpful features come at a cost. Curating content for publication across platforms can be cumbersome.

What We Like Flexible pricing plans. Integrates with news aggregator tools like Feedly.

Manage multiple social media accounts with your Mac

Content feed lacks a search feature. What We Like Twitter users don't need to create a separate account. Surprisingly powerful for a free tool. What We Don't Like Limited customization with no options for creating user groups.

Use these tools to promote content and manage engagement

Takes time and patience to set up. What We Like You can queue content to re-post automatically on a recurring basis. Comes with extensive help documentation. What We Don't Like No mobile application. Clunky interface. Integrates with many apps, services and smart devices. What We Don't Like Better for personal rather than professional use. Automatically adds hashtags to all posts. What We Like Excellent customer service. Ideal for groups of people working on social media campaigns. What We Don't Like No way to save customized settings preferences. Twitter content is often delayed by a few minutes.

What We Like Tells you which posts are most popular in real time.

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  5. Predictive scoring gives you an idea how content might perform before you post it. What We Don't Like Automation features could be better. Toggling between accounts is more difficult than in should be. What We Like The smart inbox puts your notifications, mentions, and messages in one feed. Mobile app includes push notifications.

    What We Don't Like Mobile app doesn't include analytics. Expensive compared to the alternatives.

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