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Screen pinning locks the screen to the content you wish to display — a photo or a video or a specific text screen — until you put in your password.

Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Find Wi-Fi MAC Address

You can program any Bluetooth device to be a trusted device. When your phone is within range of a trusted device, the phone will allow unlock and allow you to simply swipe to use. If the phone moves farther away from the trusted device, the phone will go back to being locked and you will need to enter their pin or swipe pattern.

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The cool thing about this is that trusted devices do not need to be stationary; users can pair their phones with a wearable or even a car. For example, users can have their phone stay unlocked when near their Fitbit or laptop and can be sure that if they walk away from it, the phone will automatically lock.

With Lollipop, you will now be able to control the visibility of notifications when the device is locked.

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You can also turn on a Priority mode, which acts like a Do Not Disturb sign and allows the phone to only show the most important notifications. Bluetooth MAC addresses broadcast by mobile devices are one of the identifiers often tracked by retailers or other venues in order to create location analytics reports.

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Many phones broadcast the recent SSIDs of routers to which they have connected, in order to make reconnecting easier. Many of these other features also add user friendly options that should make day to day use of Android devices more convenient, more private and more secure. Default Encryption New phones and tablets with Lollipop come with encryption automatically turned on to help protect data on lost or stolen devices or from anyone who lacks password access.

That's the whole idea of using IRKs: For those who do not possess the IRK because they have not bonded , it would always appear as a completely new device hence the privacy. So if they have not bonded, you can't get irk.

Find Mac Address of Android Devices for Mac Filtering

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Those are details of implementation of the host stack. The user doesn't have access to this kind of stuff.

How do I locate the Wi-Fi MAC address on my Samsung Galaxy device? | Samsung Support UK

But do you happen to know how most Android phones deal with this? Because my whole plan will fail if they are very easy to change.

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They cannot be changed surely. Otherwise bonds would get lost. admin