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You may also consider a SSD. I have purchased 2 refurbished Macs. The first was a 24 inch the 2nd a 27 inch. When they arrived I thought there was a mistake. There wasn't a mark, ding, blemish I have been using these machines for several years now for music production and photography. I have recommended refurbished Macs to my friends who wish to purchase a Mac.

Never again. Within the first two weeks I started having problems. A call to applecare and it should work for a month or two, then break again. I did this for about a year and a half, then applecare said I could not call again, no longer a software issue, has to be hardware so go to genius bar. Four official appts and 2 unofficial and I'm back to applecare, but to a senior advisor my third and all they want to do is wipe the drive and reinstall.

The past 5 months I have been ruining barebones, no pages, numbers, backup drive, no work at all. They still can't fix it. No more macs for me, including my phone, one more month and I get early upgrade, I think I see a galaxy in my future. Applecare made a big mistake, they treated me badly and now I tell everyone I can how bad they treat their customers. You have been warned, I have never been treated this badly by anyone.

I have been treated better by Best Buy. Kelly, I have no special source for refurb Dells. I found mind locally on Craigslist My experience is that lots of people buy new hardware, realize its got a learning curve, and the new equip languishes on a shelf.

The Case for Apple Refurbs: Why New Isn't Always Better

List 'want' ad, esp this time of year, could unlock one of these little-used tech artifacts. I was lucky to find mine for a third the cost of retail Just know what you want, I bought because i wanted Win8 on a tablet, i wanted a warranty, I have 'x' to spend, etc. Then, watch and wait Best of luck to you! Thing is 3 months old, and it boots up from completely off, to complete control in under 10 seconds - every time.

The battery lasts me about 2 days with heavy use. I've got other bills and and am a working stiff - but at least I don't have to sell a kidney for a sweet ultra-portable. Open your eyes everyone Apple is racking up record profits because the sheeple keep shoveling money at them.

Fine if you've got a printing press at home Do you realize you purchased a product that was built by a bunch of little kids stuck in a sweat shop somewhere in Tailand? Apples are more reliable than your dell, they offer better technical support, and what's really nice is if I have a problem with my macbook, I can take it into my local apple store and get it looked at without having to send it back and wait weeks for a response.

I'm sorry but your comment is just willful ignorance on your part. You own Mac's and you're never heard of China and Foxconn? Mac's are Intel architecture, just like my Dell. When you denigrate my Dell, you also denigrate your Mac - the OS, and a single mainboard chip separate the two platforms. I've been a PC tech for 20 years and do send equip back for warranty repair when needed.

It's never taken weeks man! These companies and I are in business to make a profit, not to take weeks to fondle some broken hardware. I'm glad you're a happy customer, just don't be a cult-follower is all I'm saying.

What does refurbished actually mean?

We have no preference for either laptop, the price is the driver here. Also, for what it's worth, I have been a long-time Apple user and have not bought a new computer for many years. Actually, I've only owned two new ones Since then, all refurbs. And all have been exceptional. While believing used Macs from any reputable source are generally overpriced compared with any other items bought second hand, my experience with them has been perfect.

My first Mac was bought, second hand, from New Wave Technologies now Apptech in suburban Melbourne about 15 years ago. Since then I have bought three others from them for family and friends, and at least three others have bought there on my recommendation. All the experiences have been positive. Most have led to later purchase of a new unit or a later second hand model from the same store, when upgrading became necessary or money became available.

Only one problem surfaced, with the 2nd iMac, a mid In every case, I bought the Apple Care warranty, using the 'savings' to offset the cost, except ,of course, for the new iPad! Although I sold the first iMac privately, I will only buy 'refurbished' from the Apple Store to be certain of reliable support. I personally dont like Apple products. Too expensive-over priced,under valued-extra steps required to download anything,and incompatability with anything else. They are the only PC's I'll buy.

Ask me,Apple is full of worms! Compaq went bankrupt the day after this post. HP has been in the crapper for years. This guy has worse taste in companies than I do in women,. I've just brought a refur.

I coulf of brought it from someone but didn't want to risk not being able to use the warranty if things don't go right. I go this route because I could afford it then I would with a brand new at much more price. If I needed manual youtube it or google search it.

Buying from Apple

My company has been buying refurbished MAC's forever; we have bought more than thirty of them and have never had any problems whatever. We have never bought a new one because we could never see any reason to do so. Where can I get a UK spec. I'm in the market for a new iMac and if I can save a few quid all the better.

The article was ok but they forget to mention the best place to buy a used mac. Other World Computing. I purchase new every 5 years as well as refurbished.

A Refurbished Apple Silver 13.3" MacBook Pro I Bought from Unboxing and First look

I have purchased from Small Dog in vermont, from PowerMax and macofalltrades as wel las Apple's refurbished store and OWC gives you used macs with up to a 6 month warranty on most used models. They also have very good tech support and customer service. I run a design shop and we been happy with them and we also buy our memory and hardware upgrades from them.

Recently purchased a refurbished Mac from Apple. After discussion with on-line "help", I ordered a Received I-Mac but with 3. That was in Australia though. Another reliable source is Smalldog in Vermont - http: I've been purchasing from them for years. They specialize in Apple products. Very helpful site for upgrades and repair instructions etc. My last three Macs have all been reburbs. I have been delighted with performance and reliability.

My first Intel iMac now 6 years old has recently been given as a gift to a daughter. My latest refurb is a 27" iMac, and am thrilled!? I think of my total savings over the years, extreme reliability, and re sale value. A very satisfied Canadian customer. Top Deals. Buying a Refurbished Mac? Mac Buying a Refurbished Mac? Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Enjoyed this article? Apple refurbished iPhones feature the same warranty as their new counterparts, a brand new battery and a new outer shell. Right now, the Apple store is offering these deals on refurbished iPhones:.

Right now, the Apple Store is selling quite a few different kinds of refurbished desktops, here are two that stood out to us:. Mac Minis offer the Mac desktop experience at a much lower price tag. They're essentially an entire computer stuffed into a smooth 7.

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The hottest smart watch on the market is now available for less from Apple when you buy refurbished. Money Travel Tech Lifestyle Fashion. The Case for Apple Refurbs: Why New Isn't Always Better. Are refurbished Apple products good? Open box and refurbished are not the same thing. Apple Certified refurbs sell out quickly. Trading in old electronics could save you big time on a new Mac.

Buying a MacBook Pro from Apple's Refurbished Mac Store was a great decision - Business Insider

But there is a savior, and it comes in the form of refurbished products. Refurbished is not the same as resold. Resold just means that someone is selling the same item again, often used, with all the problems that entails. Because refurbished Apple products cannot be sold at MSRP, they are typically sold at a discount, which means you save money while buying a product that is often just as good as new. Apple manages its own refurbishment store , complete with its own Certified Refurbished certification, which means trained professionals ensure every device functions properly before putting it up for sale.

Many people think of it as an instant discount option when shopping for a new Apple device — as long as inventory is in stock. A couple other caveats also apply, however. The greatest range of products will probably be between one and two years old. Purchasing directly from the manufacturer is a great way to go when it comes to refurbished items, because you know they have been professionally inspected, fixed, cleaned, and repackaged by people with experience in those specific electronics. Below are some additional notes to consider.

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