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How to Undo an Email in Gmail or Outlook 365 in a Few Seconds

To recall a message using Outlook for Windows, perform the following steps: Open the message you wish to recall in your sent items by double-clicking on it. Sign in to leave feedback. Article ID: Related Articles 1.

What are key differences in functionality between Lotus Notes and Outlook ? Recipient s - separate email addresses with a comma.

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Message Check out this knowledge base article I found in the University of Windsor knowledge base. How to recall a message using Outlook , and message recall limitations to be aware of. When you send an email, your email client sends a copy of the email message to everyone you email.

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Their email server receives it and shows it in their email client. Microsoft Outlook only allows you to recall or retract messages in limited circumstances. You must be using a Microsoft Exchange email system, and you must be on the same Exchange server as the recipient.

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The message asks their email client to please delete the email you just sent. The Recall feature is just a way of asking nicely if their email client would do you the favor of deleting an email message you already sent. If the person has already read your message, your message will not be erased but the recipient will be informed that you want to delete the message.

If your original email contained an amusing typo or error, the follow-up request to delete it may make the situation all the more amusing.

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This works not by actually retracting a sent email, but by adding a delay before your email client actually sends the message out. It will give you a few seconds after you send an email, allowing you to click Undo to stop the email from being sent.

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